What We Do


Vision:    -As a producer, mixing engineer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, I travel all over the country to work with artists and I have a mobile Pro Tools system that I utilize for cost efficiency. I usually track drums and bass in a studio and then everything else outside the studio "off the clock" on my system. In most cases I will then bring all the tracks back to my studio in New York City to mix. With this method, the artist can concentrate on great vocal, guitar and keyboard performances without having to worry about studio time. My fees vary "by the project" and are never "by the hour" for the simple reason that I will do whatever it takes to make sure the quality of each track is at its finest.

I specialize in working with solo artists because I have the capability of creating major label sounding masters without hiring out a band- or anyone else on the project for that matter. This creates a very cost effective scenario for a solo artist.  Further, if you have never recorded a "real" record before, I can assure you that my results will save you years of recording demos that have no impact.  Please feel free to reach out directly for a consultation.


Sonic Emotion:    -We have the ability and specialize in creating cost effective masters that are incorporated into any film. By working professionally and seamlessly with film directors and producers, we identify exactly what the film needs emotionally from scene to scene and capitalize on creating the most compelling original (or covered) music content. If you are an independent film maker, I urge you to contact us to talk about creating a "master soundtrack" to go along with your film. A soundtrack released to coincide with a film is one of the most cost effective ways to gain marketing traction and break out of a cluster of independent films.


Creative Direction:    -Matching music to a commercial message is a very important element and takes a certain creative sense. By professionally working hand in hand with the client, we are able to tap into the emotion of a targeted audience through music and sound which in turn creates a deep relationship between the listener and the message. We have had the privilege of working with some prestigious companies such as The American Heart Association, Landrover, Pontiac, and McDonalds to name a few. Please feel free to contact us directly for an easy conversation about your project.