Jimmy Landry of Audiostrike Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Co-wrote the most recent EP from Highbench title "Satisfied".

The brothers Western, David and Andrew, Chris Muir and Shane Fillmore grew up on "High Bench Road" in Utah and have been playing music together since High School. Be it power-pop, rock or ballads, the band won't be pigeon-holed. This could be attributed to their many, diverse influences, ranging from "U2", "Radiohead" and "Sublime" to "Duran Duran", "INXS" and "Tears For Fears".
Packing up the van and moving to NYC five years ago, Highbench has accomplished more than most bands do in their entire careers. In 2005, Apple hand-picked the band's song "Stand" to use on all demo models of their iTunes enabled phones. “You could walk into any Cingular store across the country and hear our song. It was wild”, says lead singer David Western. The impact was instantaneous. David goes on to say, "It's crazy getting an email from someone in Topeka, telling us how much they dig our music when we've never even been to Kansas".
The band has attracted a loyal following by playing tirelessly in NYC's top clubs as well as back home in Salt Lake City where they’ve sold out shows at the Ragan Theatre at Utah Valley State College and the Nelke Theatre at BYU. Their emotionally charged single "No Words" appears on the 9/11 tribute album "Songs for a New, New York" and they hold the distinction of being the only unsigned band to ever perform on the "CBS Early Show".
The band released their first EP "East" in 2006 and followed up with the “Satisfied” EP in 2007. They signed a publishing deal with Primary Wave Music in late 2007 and have already licensed half of the songs on the new EP to TV shows and video games. “We’re all big gamers, so to play “The Bigs” and hear “Satisfied” was sweet!”, says guitarist Chris Muir. “Video games are like the new radio”, add drummer Shane Fillmore. Besides the video game placement, the band’s music has been featured on the CW network shows “Hidden Palms” and “Life Is Wild”. In fact, “Hidden Palms” used three of their songs three weeks in a row”. “I think they like us over there”, adds bassist Andrew Western with a smile.