Jimmy Landry of Audiostrike has recently co-written a song with Dilana titled "I'm Falling Apart" which will be featured on her new CD due out Q1 2009.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Dilana began her singing career at a very young age, finding her way on stage in front of her first audience at the age of 7. From then on, she was music obsessed, leaving school at 16 to sing in a traveling duo and soon, perform in various cover and original bands for a number of years. Leaving, as she called it, years of "madness and violence in the city," she moved from her homeland and onto the Netherlands in order to further herself and start her own band. A wise decision--playing covers and originals, Dilana's band became one of the country's highest paid and most booked bands. She even opened up for the internationally acclaimed (Dutch) rock band, Golden Earring.

From there she only went up and up, recording her debut album "Wonderfool", which garnered five singles, four music videos (which played on TMF, the MTV of Europe) and loads of touring and festival gigs (over 200!). She also sang titles for two motion pictures and played an especially memorable festival in Belgium alongside Joe Cocker, Heather Nova, K's Choice and other legendary European artists in front of a crowd of over 100,000 people.
Pretty, driven Dilana now lives in the United States where she is enjoying success as a solo act with surely more hits to follow. And we'll follow her. Honestly, Dilana has the power to make us follow her anywhere.

Dilana is currently working on her CD with release coming soon, and a Video!