Jimmy Landry of Audiostrike Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Co-wrote and played most instruments on Cori Yarkin's 2006 "Ringing in My Head" release.

Orlando's Cori Yarckin is a 5 piece rock/powerpop band. Pounding out power rock/pop songs, Cori Yarckin blends the indie rock feel of Paramore with the darker alternative edge of Evanescense Their live show is an experience all its own. Performing nationally with her 4-piece rock band, Cori's command of her talent shines brightest in person, complimenting the exuberance of their music with an infectious stage presence and blinding energy. Having been picked as one of Rolling Stones top five up and coming female artists, Cori and her new band exude energy and confidence.

The Band: We are are all local musicians from Orlando that came together and thought we could make a really great band. We’ve been together 3 years In these 3 years we have really have grown as a family on stage and off.

Music Style: Retro 80's, dirty rock & roll. Comparative to AC/DC, Joan Jett.

Influences: My tastes are more in the classic rock / alternative era (Aerosmith, Queen, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Pat Benatar,) as well as alternative music of the 90's. Some of the guys in the band are huge Motley Crue, Gun’s and Roses, and other hair metal fans. The infusion of the two combined with our obvious modern day influences of our surroundings makes for a sound that is classic and fun, but still on the edge of modern rock.

Being a Female Fronted Band: It doesn't intimidate us in the least. If anything, we embrace all the attention that it brings. We love being at a show with all dude bands and then blowing them off the stage. Its not that we have something to prove...we just like to play our music and have a kick-ass time at our shows. Rocking everybody’s face off is just part of what we do! :) We're excited to be at a time in the music business where females seem to be taking over. Bands like Flyleaf, Paramore, and Evanescense have really paved the way for the rock world to finally start excepting female-fronted bands again... especially since we can rock just as hard as the rest of them!

Live Show: Extremely high energy and fun. If Mick Jagger, and Gwen Stefani got together, had little babies and then taught them the tricks of the trade, we’d be those little rock babies-- all grown up. :)

“We’re really excited about our new album coming out. Not only are we extremely proud of it, but we think that everyone is really gonna enjoy it and have lots of fun listening and singing along. (Who doesn't want to scream "Sucks to be you!" at the top of their lungs driving down the highway?) This is going to be be a good year.” -- Cori Yarckin