Jimmy Landry of Audostrike has Produced, Recorded and Mixed 5 songs from the current Nova Sonic record from Chrry S/T


Deep down, in the inner reaches of the mind, there is a place where fear and loneliness play together; where thoughts of youth and growing up collide in a swirl of emotions. If music is this place; a place of power, despair, energy, excitement and emotion, you'll find CHERRY S/T; young souls with mass appeal whose identity is simply their raw musical talent, great songwriting and ability to
mesmerize crowds with their high-energy performances.

At the age of 17, CHERRY S/T played one of their first live shows in Manchester, New Hampshire, with the likes of Sevendust and Filter. This generated a major buzz in the Boston/New England rock scene as a band so young with such a massive new sound had introduced themselves to the scene and played like
they had been there for 10 years.

Later that year, CHERRY S/T recorded its first demo with only two songs, and the band gained even greater acclaim as one of Boston's hottest new bands. With an immediate appearance on WAAF's Wednesday night show with Jay Ferrara, there was enormous demand for more CHERRY S/T music. The band then released their Sleepwalkers CD with multiple follow-up appearances on WAAF/Boston along with local touring, interviews, press, and the like.

In 2005, CHERRY S/T released their second CD, Disown The World, to rave reviews. Adding programming and keyboards to their already original sound with the addition of sound-generator and keyboardist Chris Coiner, CHERRY S/T continued their stampede through the local music scene and gained even more attention on the national scene. With consistent airplay on the major radio stations in Boston, along with constant touring and performances with national acts, their music had reached fans from coast to coast and had also reached the attention of many music industry professionals including Universal Music Publishing Group who offered the band a substantial publishing deal. The band decided to hold off.

Focused on maintaining their independent spirit, in 2006, CHERRY S/T snow-balled their success into a yet another record. This time they caught the ear and eye of Producer/Songwriter/Engineer Jimmy Landry and decided to utilize his production and writing skills with an added punch from Canadian Producer/Mixer Dale Penner (Nickelback, Econoline Crush). The band headed to the famous Factory Studios in Vancouver B.C. and once again reinvented themselves while recording what has been called by music critiques, “a record that rivals that of any major label band out there in their genre”. The record which is titled Nova Sonic has been licensed repeatedly by ESPN and MTV along with other independent films and television shows.