"For the Soldiers Who Miss the Holidays" Song written by, all vocals performed by, all instruments played by, produced and mixed by: Audiostrike. Guest vocal appearance by Mack the Burke.  Mastered by Andy VanDette. A&R: Steve Keller.  Available world-wide on all major streaming services November 27, 2019. 





...there's no plan for the music I make, and there's no definitive genre.  A good friend recently convinced me on a long road trip to Maine to release songs this year.  I will begin to play out live again with a band if any of these songs gain any traction. 

...been playing guitar since I was 6. 

..."For the Soldiers Who Miss the Holidays" was "almost" picked up by 3 major artists in the last 5 years (no-go), so I recorded it and released it myself.  It's the first song I've ever self-released.  Everything you hear on it is me here in my home studio, wrote the song, played all instruments, performed all vocals (except for my little dude Mack who helped out in the bridge ;-), produced, mixed.  I leave the mastering to the pros--so my good comrade Andy VanDette mastered the track.

...built my underground studio from the ground up with 2" x 4"s with the help of a friend (thanks Tim!). I also built the sound panels not knowing what the heck I was doing. 

...a (hack at) guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, sing, and digitally manipulate sounds until they match what I hear in my brain. 

...can't read music and never took a lesson -- I write songs in many different alternate guitar tunings that sound good to my ear. 

...been signed by a major label.  

...been dropped by a major label ;)  

...have shared the stage with many artists some including Maroon 5, Van Halen, Live, Korn, Primus, Heart, and many others. 

...have been employed by major labels.  

...have been laid off by major labels ;) 

...have produced, mixed and written songs for, and with many artists.  

...once wrote and produced a song for a Pokemon movie with a friend that is still kicking around.  

...put magnets on my first electric guitar's pickups to get distortion. 


...bonafide/certified good dad. 

...my dad was in the Air Force and a Korean War vet.  That's his photo on the cover of the new single. 

...have an awesome wife. 

...have a sister who is a jazz singer and also an author who wrote a book about NH. 

...have a brother who is a firefighter. 

...travel a lot all over the world for work and try to get songwriting inspiration from other cultures and things I see. 

...thankfully have a great day-gig job in music that takes me places and enables my addiction to making music. 

...love and play hockey. 

...have a family-cat Chief who thinks he is a dog and can sit on command. 

...would be shocked if you actually made it this far and are reading this line--please by all means let me know if you do! :) Audiostrike@gmail.com